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Michael at Copier

The Legacy of Michael Ewing

Almar Printing is and has always been a family. Through the years, the bonds we’ve forged in paper and ink are just as powerful as any we might have made through flesh and blood. We’ve had exceptional employees come and go. One such employee is Michael Ewing, and we are sad (and happy) to announce that, after 39 years of customer service, binding, printing, and everything in between, our bindery technician is retiring this coming October. After so many years of incredible service, he has more than earned his retirement.



Michael’s Career at Almar

Michael & Trisha

In February 1982, fresh out of the army with a wife, Patricia, and two young sons, Michael began his printing career with Almar. Always a pleasant and positive personality, he brought that positivity to work with him each morning. In his first 12 years working Almar customer service, his face was the first thing customers saw when they walked in the door. Those early years were long before fax machines or computers, so he worked face to face with customers, operated the black ink copiers and lent a hand in bindery when needed. Michael eventually moved to the production side of the business, becoming our bindery supervisor. Though he no longer works in customer service, he has continued to be the face of Almar as he fulfills shipment to our customers throughout the Kansas City area.

Sam and Mary, Almar’s original owners, fell in love with this young couple, Michael and Patricia, and are truly saddened to see them go. “Our wish and prayers are that they enjoy many years of retirement together.”

Steve, Sam and Mary’s son and current owner, added: “It’s hard to imagine Almar without Michael, as he’s been part of our family since I was a kid. I’ll miss his sense of humor and his ability to keep calm in any storm. I have such respect and admiration for Michael, and I wish him the best in this next chapter of his life.”

From all of the Almar team, thank you, Michael. We will miss you, but wish you the best of luck with this new chapter in your life!

Michael, Trish, Sam, Michael and Friends 1995 


P.S. We’re looking for the next Michael!

Almar Printing now has a new job opening doing bindery work and deliveries.

This person must have some experience, a clean driving record and license, and be able to do heavy lifting. COVID vaccination is also required. Apply by calling Almar Printing at (816) 523-4566 or by emailing Steve at steve@almarprinting.com.

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