Almar Printing’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

UPDATED 8/10/20

We have been asked by several customers that make medical devices and lab equipment to consider ourselves an essential business under the new regulations.  In addition, as a mailing service provider, we are allowed to stay open during the current lockdown.  Until advised to do so by local or state authorities, it is our intention to continue operating during this crisis.  However, the safety and health of our employees, customers, and vendors is our primary concern, and will dictate all of our decisions going forward.  

Effective immediately, the following steps are being taken by our management and team:

If at any point we feel that our safety protocol is not sufficient to protect the Almar Printing family, we will adjust our options until such time that we can feel confident again. For now, we are working hard to make sure that we can continue feeding our families without making them sick. We may all smell like bleach every night, but we will come home safe. 🙂  Thank you for your understanding, and please be safe out there!