Kansas City’s Green Printing Experts

It is estimated that producing one ton of virgin uncoated paper — which accounts for 90 percent of the United States’ printing and writing paper — requires three tons of wood, 19,075 gallons of water, and generates 2,278 pounds of solid waste. Moreover, many white papers are bleached via a chlorination process that releases dangerous chemicals and pollutants. And petroleum-based inks can cause lasting damage to the environment, leaching volatile organic compounds (VOCs) — which can cause cancer and birth defects — into the ground, contaminating soil, groundwater, and, upon evaporation, the air.

So what is “Green Printing”? As with most industries, there is a movement in the printing industry to reduce our eco-footprint, embrace our role as environmental stewards, and develop sustainable solutions for the future of printing and print advertising. Choosing low-VOC inks, using recycled paper, working with local suppliers, and reducing the use of chemical products are all part of this effort.

Almar Printing has made a commitment to work toward the goals of the green printing movement. Our house paper stocks are all recycled and/or FSC certified (using only pulp from managed, sustainable forests), and we offer a wide variety of recycled and eco-kansas-cityfriendly paper options. We have also replaced all petroleum-based inks with low-VOC vegetable and soy based inks, and where possible, have switched to low-VOC chemistry.

In addition, Almar Printing has been a long-time proponent of paper recycling, and that effort has expanded into a comprehensive conservation and recycling program. In addition to paper, we recycle all cardboard packaging, metal plates, film, and chemistry. Our conservation efforts include cutting back on our energy usage with high efficiency lighting, turning off unused lighting and equipment, and proper equipment maintenance.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Almar Printing can help you go green!